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Ambulance flights

Various reasons can lead to the fact that a sick or injured person must or should be transported in the airplane. In such an emergency, we organise patient transport in a suitably equipped private jet directly for patients or their relatives as well as for insurance companies and institutions.

We will assist you quickly and unbureaucratically and advise you in all matters.



Why an ambulance flight?

It may be an accident or illness during a stay abroad and the patient must be transported back to his home country. Possible upcoming surgeries or preferred medical care in a chosen country can also lead to an air ambulance flight.

Patients who are too ill or too weak are often unable to get on a ground transport or even a scheduled flight, so an air ambulance flight is the fastest and safest option.

No matter for what reasons and under what conditions you want to have an ambulance transport, we will be happy to advise you and help you find the optimal solution to bring the patient safely to his destination.

The advantages

of our services

The latest medical technologies

The aircrafts are equipped to the best standards and enable intensive care medicine up to and including ventilation.

No interruption of therapy

The equipment of the airplane can correspond to an intensive care unit and guarantees a complete care of the patient up to the ventilation.

Professional patient care

A medical specialist from the necessary field as well as a paramedic with special aeromedical training accompany the flight and take care of the patient.

Short distances

Small aircrafts make it possible to fly to very small airports and special landing sites that cannot be reached by scheduled flights. Less ground transport therefore makes the ambulance flight faster.

Bed to bed transport

If necessary and on request, we will take care of a seamless transport from bed to bed.


The procedure

The choice of the appropriate aircraft, equipment and team depends on various factors: What is the patient’s state of health, what distance must be flown, how urgent is the arrival?

Depending on the medical condition of the patient, the respective aircraft is suitably equipped. Intensive care equipment or even respirators are available as well as a doctor and paramedics.

We can also transport Covid-19 cases if the patient’s condition permits and the hospital admission at the destination has been clarified.

Do you still have questions or urgently need an ambulance flight?

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